Accessing Popular Magazines

Did you know that you have access to popular magazines beyond what you see on our shelves? 

You can read the latest issue of Newsweek, Rolling Stone, The Saturday Evening Post, Wired, and more!

Follow the pictures below for guidance and make sure you have your library card ready.

To access the popular magazines, go to our website, click on the “Digital Library” tab, scroll down and click on the “iConn” link. Now follow the screenshots below. Click on the images to see them better!

  1. Once iConn is open, find the tab labeled “popular magazines-public libraries” on the left hand side of your screen.
  2. Click on the magazine that interests you (we chose The Atlantic for this article)
  3. Login with your library card by entering the 14-digit number on the back (no spaces).
  4. To access specific issues, choose the year you are interested in on the right side of the screen.
  5. The screen below contains the articles within the issue; just click on the article you want to read.
  6. On the left side of the screen below, click the option that says “PDF Full Text” to read the article without tabs on the sides and start reading!


P.S. You can download the article to your personal computer if you want to read it later. The download button is circled below in red. The downloading process may depend on the device you are using. Contact Jessica if you have any questions.


P.S.S. You can also save the article for later by putting it into your “iConn Folder” circled in blue. When you are ready to come back to the article, log into iConn with your library card again and click on the folder image circled in blue (it will be in the same place as it appears below).