Library Luminaries – June 10,2023
Fall Fundraiser – September 9, 2023
Festival of Trees – December 2, 2023
Children’s Holiday Sale – December 7-9, 2023

The library hosts several annual key fundraising events.
Information about each event can be found below.

In addition, programs such as book discussions, special lectures, weekly storytimes, and arts & crafts workshops are held throughout the year.
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Festival of Trees

Saturday, December 2, 2023

Held annually in December, this festive, seasonal, community event is popular and well attended as we gather to launch the holiday season. At the event, the Library’s tree will be decked with Treasure Pouches for sale, each containing a slip of paper bestowing a mystery gift. These gifts are items donated by generous local boutiques and businesses, and traditionally include dinners at restaurants, theater tickets, gift certificates, and more. The proceeds help fund the many services that benefit the library’s patrons – community members from surrounding towns as well as Washington.

If you would like to donate a Mystery Pouch Item, click here. 

If you would like to donate a tree or wreath, click here. 

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Children’s Holiday Sale

December 7-9, 2023

This  popular Junior Library event generally takes place the second week of December. This sale gives children an opportunity to purchase holiday gifts for family members at very reasonable prices. Patrons are asked for donations of small gift items, accessories, housewares and more to make the event a success. Consider designating a box where you can deposit those little gifts or items you receive throughout the year that you know you won’t really use- a box of soaps, a necktie that’s out of favor, candles, a redundant kitchen gadget — you get the idea. Then just bring them to the Junior Library after Thanksgiving. Thank you!
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Library Luminaries

June 8, 2024

Thank You to our Hosts, Luminaries, Donors and Volunteers

for Making this Special Evening a Success! 

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Fall Fundraiser

Saturday, September 9 at 6pm

Heartful thank you to all that supported our Booked! fundraiser.

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