Building Access Policy

Gunn Memorial Library, Inc.’s policies governing the use of its facilities, furniture, equipment and materials reflect its mission, as well as the need to mitigate risks, establish best practices for the safety of individuals in the building, and preserve the building and its contents. The Library endeavors to provide a welcome, open environment that is safe and secure for everyone. GML’s insurance advisor recommends a proactive approach. Exceptions to this policy will be considered with guidance from the Executive Director.

• Any individual may have access to the Library facilities during regular hours to use general collections and public computers. Due to the specialized nature or fragility of some materials, certain areas may be governed by more restrictive policies.

• Only authorized staff members, designated trustees and insured maintenance workers are permitted access to the Library building after closing or before opening hours. Keys and passcodes are not to be shared. For GML’s liability and safety, volunteers and non-staff members are not to be left alone in the building at any time.

• During regular Library hours, all external doors are to be kept closed and locked from the outside (all exits can be opened from the inside at all times) with the exception of the main entrance to the parking lot. After regular Library hours, all external doors and elevator doors are to be kept closed and locked at all times.

• Access through the door facing Wykeham Road is prohibited except to move large furniture, or with an exception approved in advance. This door and its hinges are original to the building and cannot withstand repeated use. The third floor kitchen can be accessed by its exterior side door when necessary.

• To preserve the antique flagstone and the library’s front lawn, deliveries should be made through the main entrance off the parking lot whenever possible. On the occasion that a delivery needs to be made directly to the third floor, please inform the Staff at the Circulation Desk and DO NOT DRIVE ON THE FLAGSTONE.

• The need to borrow equipment and furniture should be communicated in advance and signed out during Library open hours at the circulation desk.

• The Library building shall be left in the condition in which it was found. Thermostats should not be adjusted. Trash shall be bagged and tied, and recycling rinsed and placed in a recycling receptacle or placed in a paper bag. Standard trash and recycling pick-up is on Friday mornings. If an event will result in trash overflow, trash shall be carefully compacted and bagged or taken to the dump.

Approved: May 2015 Updated January 2018 Updated September 2021