Using iCloud Efficiently

We know many of you enjoyed the iCloud Demystified program we held on November 2nd. While we work on scheduling the program again, we thought we would show you an online resource you have through the library to help you use iCloud efficiently. has this wonderful video that essentially works as a crash course in learning and using iCloud. From creating an iCloud account to synchronizing your Photo Stream, this video will show you what you need to know. All you need is your Gunn Memorial library card to log in. Feel free to watch the video as many times as you want!

p.s. we encourage you to jot down questions for our next iCloud Demystified program!

Identity Protection

It’s no secret that securing your identity online is getting harder and harder as technology becomes more advanced. Fortunately, Gunn Memorial Library subscribes to an online database service where there are plenty of resources at your fingertips to help you become more secure online. (more…)

Accessing Popular Magazines

Did you know that you have access to popular magazines beyond what you see on our shelves? 

You can read the latest issue of Newsweek, Rolling Stone, The Saturday Evening Post, Wired, and more!

Follow the pictures below for guidance and make sure you have your library card ready.