Gunn Historical Museum Receives $100,000 Grant

The Gunn Historical Museum has been awarded a $100,000 grant to create a permanent Museum exhibit that tells the story of Washington, Connecticut.  This grant money will be used to transform part of the Gunn Museum into an engaging exhibit about the history of the town of Washington.  The exhibit will begin with the story of the Native Americans who inhabited the region 10,000 years ago to the present day.  Some of the diverse Washington, Connecticut topics that this exhibit will feature include Tories and Patriots, slavery and abolition, immigrants, crime and punishment, the rise of the Washington Art Colony, military service, schools and education, women’s rights and reformers, disasters and reconstruction, the environmental and preservation movement, business and industry, religious rights, New York Society, agriculture, tourism, recreation, and more.

“The exhibit will make use of the numerous artifacts, photographs and documents in the Museum’s collection.  The goal of the exhibit is to create not only an understanding of Washington’s unique history, but to generate an excitement among a new generation of people from near and far about collecting, preserving and sharing it,” according to Museum Curator Stephen Bartkus.

This exhibit will extend the Museum’s scope into the local classrooms through educational programs in conjunction with the local school curriculum that will complement the exhibit and will be used to teach local history to Washington students.