Harlequin Sullivan’s Shepaug High School
Senior Project

Washington LGBTQ+ Oral Histories

Hello! My Name is Harlequin Sullivan and I am a senior at Shepaug Valley High School in Washington Connecticut. Each year at Shepaug, every senior is required to do a project that takes up one school year to complete. It can be anything from writing a book to raising money to donate to cancer research. It is a personalized learning opportunity and unique to every student. For my senior project I filmed interviews with LGBTQ+ people who live in Washington for the Museum in collaboration with the First Congregational Church. In this project I researched and archived lived experiences of local members of LGBTQ+ community. I want to be a filmmaker so I took the raw interviews and edited them down so they would read as more of narratives. If you would like to watch the finished videos they are below, and if you would prefer to just read the raw transcripts those are also below.  Click on a name to access the interviews:

Charlotte Johnson and Joan Gauthey

Joseph Mustich

The Revs. Robyn and Tijuana Gray

Richard Connor

This project was generously supported by a grant from the Pride in the Hills Fund at the Connecticut Community Foundation.