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World Book Online

World Book Online is a database of resources for every learner at every level. World Book Online allows students the chance to access coursework and other educational materials anytime, anywhere—providing a platform to keep them engaged and eager to learn. It also opens the door for those who need additional help or time outside of the classroom. Students have access to easily digestible articles tailored to their reading levels. 

  • Early Learners can build their vocabulary, comprehension, phonics, and reading fluency with interactive activities
  • Elementary students can access hands-on science projects, and age-appropriate articles to find information quickly and develop necessary digital literacy skills.
  • Middle Schoolers have a curated section tailored to include multimedia and related resources to support cross-curricular studies.

Looking for a fun & educational activity? World Book Activity Corner has learning-based projects readily available!

There are hundreds of highly illustrated, engaging titles on World eBook that span the K-12 curriculum and includes 400+ sole source World Book titles in addition to world classics from Project Gutenberg.

World Book even has it’s own App- learn how to use it here.

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Scholastic GO!

Providing credible, accurate, reliable content on almost every core-curricula subject, Scholastic GO!®offers endless resources for research in a multitude of media. Explore nonfiction texts, world newspapers, videos and more with this easy-to-navigate digital resource designed to strengthen content knowledge, vocabulary, and core proficiency skills. Have your Gunn library card ready if you are accessing from home.


BookFlix is an engaging, online video literacy program from Scholastic is available to patrons of the Junior Library. BookFlix allows children to listen to recorded stories and watch colorful animations true to the book’s original illustrations, while following along with the text page by page on screen; or they may choose to read the text on their own. More than 100 fiction video storybooks are paired with non-fiction titles. After reading or listening to the fictional story Bear Has a Story to Tell, in which a young bear wants to tell his friends a story before they go to sleep for the winter, BookFlix presents the related non-fiction book How Do You Know It’s Winter? introducing young readers to climate and the behavior of animals and people in the winter.

This pairing of fiction with non-fiction reinforces reading skills and develops real-world knowledge and understanding. Activities such as vocabulary games and interviews with book authors are also available. The curriculum supports Connecticut grade level expectations and preparation for the Connecticut Mastery Test. Have your Gunn library card ready if you are accessing from home.



Award-Winning Books

Booklists & Reviews


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  • – offers a wealth of information about media and children on its website. This up-to-date resource provides helpful reviews and recommendation by age for apps, games, movies, tv programs, books, websites and music. The Topic Center helps to educate parents on such topics as, cyberbullying, social media, and general internet safety.
  • Khan Academy – a nonprofit with the mission to provide a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.