It’s Summer Reading Time!



 Tie-Dye Night

Tuesday, July 17 @ 6:30 pm 

Get in the spirit of the 60’s with tie-dye everything and groovy music! Bring a white T-shirt or other white clothing and make some funky designs while listening to the sounds of the 60s!

Best for ages 8 and older.







UConn’s 4-H: Branching Into Forestry

Thursday, July 19 @ 10 am-

Trees! They’re everywhere! They give us shade, places to hang swings, and build treehouses, and hiding spots for hide-and-go-seek. But did you know that we get so much more from trees and our forests? Kids will learn all about the wonderful things trees provide for us and how we can grow better trees for our future.



Musical Chairs Competition

Tuesday, July 24 @ 6:30 pm 

This event is sure to keep kids and young adults rockin’ and rollin’ as we play musical chairs in a tournament style. Each round will have a different musical theme and the last one standing gets a prize!

Suitable for all ages (age groups will be separated to keep the game fair.)






Music Trivia Night

Tuesday, July 31st @ 6:30 pm 

Does your kid know everything about music? Have them prove it at our music trivia night! Questions span the map of musical history to current trends and rounds of “guess that song.” Participants are encouraged to form teams and show what they know. The winner will get a prize!

Suggested age is 8+.

Lip Sync Battle

Tuesday, August 7th @ 6:30 pm 

Here is a chance to perform just like a rock star! Teens and Tweens ages 8+ are encouraged to gather some friends together and pick a favorite song to perform like a real band, just without the instruments. Songs will be played through a music streaming service over the loudspeaker and the “bands” will rock out! Mouth the words and give a convincing performance and the best group will win a prize!


“School of Rock” Movie Night

Tuesday, August 14 @ 6 pm 

Beat the heat and check out Dewy Finn’s school of rock! Posing as a substitute teacher at a prep school, Jack Black’s rock and roll loving character brings together a group of middle school aged kids for the performance of a lifetime! Popcorn provided.

PG-13 1h 48min.



Ice Cream Social

Tuesday, August 21st @ 6:30 pm 

Summer is coming to an end and the show must go on! But before this summer’s swan song is sung, join us for our annual end-of-summer celebration.  Kids of all ages are welcome to our ice cream bar where they can make their own sundae to celebrate all the hours of reading they did while hanging out with friends and family.


Summer Reading prize winners will be announced in the days after the ice cream social !!

These programs are free and open to all. For further information or to register call (860) 868-2310 or email