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Virtual Storytimes

Join Miss Linda for Friday preschool story times on Zoom!

Morning Toddler Time @ 10:30 am & Afternoon Preschool Story Time @ 2:15 pm

Call to request a kit for curbside pickup.

March 5:  The Best Mouse Cookie! Join mouse as he bakes his own cookies in his little mouse house.

March 12:  How to Catch a Leprechaun?  It’s tougher than you think!  He’ll turn your whole house upside down.  He’s quicker than a wink!

March 19: Kitten’s Full Moon It is the kitten’s first full moon, and when she sees it, she thinks it is a bowl of milk in the sky.  And she wants it.  Does she get it?  Well, no…and yes.

 What a night!

March 26: Big Red Barn?  By the big red barn, there are roosters and cows, horses and goats, and a pink piglet who is learning to squeal.  There are sheep and geese- and a jaunty old scarecrow leaning on his hoe.  And they all live by the big red barn.



Saturday Virtual Events

Join Miss Linda & Miss Abigail for a wide range of crafts, stories, programs, and activities!

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Saturday, March 6 @ 1 pm– Irish Dancing 

Join Miss Abigail to learn some of the basic steps of Irish dance! We will go over the fundamentals of Irish dancing and learn posture, foot positions, and more. Learn how to do a Light Jig that will impress your whole family! All ages are welcome, as well as parents.

Saturday, March 13 @ 1 pm – St. Patrick’s Day Food

Enjoy some special St. Patrick’s Day cupcakes to celebrate the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day holiday! Join Miss Linda and decorate some delicious cupcakes with fun sprinkles, candies, frosting, and more.  These charming cupcakes are easy to decorate and are sure to delight the little leprechaun in your life. Call to request a kit at our curbside table.

Saturday, March 20 @ 1 pm- Judea Garden

Denise Arturi, from Judea Garden, will join the Junior Library via zoom to help children learn about growing our food.  Located in the Macricostas Preserve off Rt. 202 in Washington, the Judea Garden was created by the Steep Rock Association to provide fresh produce for members of the community.  The garden has grown, harvested, and distributed over 36,000 lbs of fresh produce since 2009! Children will plant seeds at home to nurture in their own gardens.  Call to request these seed kits for curbside pickup.

Saturday, March 27 @ 1 pm – Spring Crafts

What better way to get ready for spring than to make a colorful spring gnome? Zoom in with Miss Linda and learn how to make this special spring craft to prepare for the season!  These paper gnomes are super cute and an easy craft for kids to make. Grab some colorful construction paper, gems, and pom-poms to create your own colorful spring gnome. Call to request a kit for curbside pickup.

Saturday, April 3 @ 1 pm– The Good Egg

What is it like to be a verrrrry good egg? How do you deal with stress and bad eggs? Join Miss Abigail for this social-emotional learning activity and storytime! We will be reading The Good Egg and making an activity that will help us learn how to deal with our emotions, create balance in our lives, and cope with situations that are out of our control. Pickup a curbside kit with the materials for our project. Other supplies you will need are scissors, a glue stick, markers, and a pen.

Saturday, April 10 @ 1pm– Fun with Poetry!

Do you like listening to poetry?  Want to try writing on your own? Join Karen Silk via zoom to celebrate national poetry month. Use your imagination and practice self-expression at this fun poetry workshop. Writers will be instructed with creative writing prompts that inspire.  Best suited for writers ages 8 and up.  Participants can pick up a kit with paper, pens and prompts at our curbside table.  Please register for this event.

Saturday, April 17 @ 1 pm- Bird Nest Creations 

Join Miss Abigail to create your very own Bird Nest Creation! Learn about how birds construct their nests and what materials are best to withstand the weather. We will be making our bird nests out of natural materials such as twigs, leaves, moss, and more. Pick up a curbside kit with materials or go on a walk to collect your own! You will also need a pair of scissors, string or yarn, and an adult’s help with this project.

Saturday, April 24 @ 1pm– Fairy Houses

Bring some magic into your Earth Day celebration  by making your very own fairy house.  Join Miss Linda over zoom to make this unique and whimsical little house using pebbles, pinecones, twigs, flowers and recycled materials.  Wooden houses and all other materials will be available at our curbside table.  In addition to the materials in the kit you will need a hot glue gun and a helper to complete this craft.