Henna by Elyse

Thursday, July 23 @ 6:30 pm

Join us for a family-friendly virtual Henna program via Zoom! Henna is an ancient form of temporary, plant-based body art used by cultures across India, northern Africa and the Middle East for thousands of years. Henna artist Elyse Sadtler will lead an online Zoom workshop to learn all about this ancient tradition right in the comfort and safety of your own home. In this workshop, you will explore what henna is, where it comes from, its history, the science of henna on skin and basic design elements. You’ll also play a “Fact or Fiction” trivia game, watch a henna paste mixing demonstration, and learn how to draw your own mandala. Elyse will also share resources where you can purchase your own henna supplies to begin your own henna journey.

Elyse Sadtler is an Internationally Certified Natural Henna Artist based in Northwest Connecticut.​ After being introduced to henna by an Indian friend, she became passionate about this ancient art form. As a self-taught professional, she enjoys experimenting with various design elements from intricate Indian patterns to geometric Moroccan motifs. A state-certified educator by trade, Elyse puts her love of teaching to use by offering workshops and classes to teach others about this beautiful form of body art. Henna allows for endless creative expression, and she enjoys sharing it with others! When not teaching or doing henna, you’ll find Elyse spending time outside with her husband and dog, reading, and writing for a local newspaper. Visit https://www.hennabyelyse.com/ for more information.

Follow this link on the day of the event: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89693988114

Kitchen Science Experiments

Thursday, July 16th @ 4 pm

Join Miss Abigail for a night of fun science experiments that you can do with the materials you have at home! Make and watch your own lemon volcano, taste homemade fizzy lemonade, and build a solar oven to make delicious s’ mores!

We will be hosting the event live on Zoom as well as posting a recording onto YouTube. Click here to access our YouTube channel.

Click here for a list of supplies needed for kitchen experiments!

Please register for this event here


4H Virtual Programs

The Litchfield County Cooperative Extension Center and UConn have put together a series of videos with the theme “Adventuring in Connecticut Agriculture.” Each week a new video will be posted covering a different aspect of agriculture in Connecticut. In addition, print out the passport below and explore different farms around Litchfield County!

Litchfield County Farm Passport

Week One: Farm to Plate In Our State- learn about the agricultural products of CT, from berries to bees!

Week Two: Step Into STEM- Create a fun challenge for kids to make slime using ingredients they may have in their house. Check out an engineering tower building challenge using marshmallows and toothpicks to wrap up the summer!

Imagine Your Story Time

Tuesdays (starting July 7) @ 4 pm

Join us via Zoom for a special summer reading story time featuring a special guest reader and a fun activity to do from home!