The Gunn Library Presents

“Local Scenes” By: Hilarie Johnson
On Display: January  20, 2024 – March 16, 2024


Hilarie Johnson will be sharing her collection of oil paintings; including several local landscapes, still life studies and portraits.

A longtime Washington resident, Hilarie says the beauty of this area keeps her happy and is inspires her work. Not restricted to one type of portrait, she has had success creating portraits of adults, children, horses, dogs and more. However, the versatility of her subject matter extends from portrait to still life and landscape. She works in oils and watercolors but the one commonality is the length of time she spends on a painting. There are at least thirty layers of paint of which she says is “time consuming but worth it.”

Her work has been featured on the cover of the international magazine The Chronicle of the Horse as well as Country and Abroad. She has been featured in articles about her work in The Horse in Art and The Litchfield County Times. For several years she was a record selling artist in the popular catalog, In the Company of Dogs which sold over 6000 giclee prints of her series “About to be Naughty”. She has received portrait commissions from coast to coast as well as Europe and the Caribbean.




Upcoming Artist

“Atmospheric Abstractions” By: Edward Muszala
On Display: March 23, 2024 – May 18, 2024


Pilot and artist, Edward Muszala, finds inspiration in the sky. “As a pilot I was aware of the constantly changing play of air and light in the atmosphere, the warmth of the sun, the speed of the wind, the water in the clouds” he says. Through the lens of a seasoned aviator, he captures the ever-shifting tapestry of light, color, and temperature in the atmosphere, translating this awe-inspiring spectacle onto canvas with his mastery of oil and encaustic techniques bringing these atmospheric scenes to life, evoking feelings of calm and awe in every brushstroke.


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