Current Exhibit

Gerry Sacks- ” Art in Motion”

Meet the Artist Reception- Saturday, October 23rd from 12-2 pm

On Display from October 23rd, 2021- January 22nd, 2022

under the sea…….…18×24

A new collection of acrylic pour paintings by Connecticut artist Gerry Sacks will be on display at Gunn Memorial Library’s Stairwell Gallery in Washington, CT from October 23 through January 22. There will be a socially distanced reception to meet the artist on Saturday, October 23 from 12 to 2 PM. Sacks, who holds an art degree from New York University, has devoted her life to creating art in many forms including knitting, gardening design, and Chinese brush painting. When she and her husband moved to Connecticut after living several years in a coastal community on Long Island, Sacks began experimenting with acrylic pour painting which offers “immense freedom and unpredictability, two things I crave.”

“Color, nature, flowers, and chance all contribute to my stimulus to paint. I love not knowing what will happen when combining different colors and techniques. This is my force to go further. Trying new ways is very important…always experimenting. All these things give me great freedom with my work and forge me onward to discover something new and exciting! Everyone sees something different in my work. In that way, they make the painting theirs. It’s a personal journey for me and you.”



Upcoming Exhibits

Marisabel Artieda- “Home Sweet Home”

Meet the Artist Reception- Saturday, January 29th from 12-2 pm

On Display from January 29th- March 12th, 2022

A new collection of still life and landscape, focusing on atelier style of oil painting by artist Marisabel Artieda will be on display at Gunn Memorial Library’s Stairwell Gallery in Washington, CT from January 29 through March 12. There will be a socially-distanced reception to meet the artist on Saturday, January 29th from 12 to 2 PM.

Born in Lima, Peru, Artieda started drawing and painting at a very young age and studied art and graphic design at The Institute of the Andes where she earned her BA degree. In 2001 she moved to Washington, Connecticut, where she joined the Washington Art Association and found the support network that she was looking for. 

Artieda: “Art has become for me a lifetime experience that never ends.” She describes her process in her home studio and art class as “vitamin for my soul and heart.” It starts with objects that catch my attention from the gut in response to their color and form in a path of light. Next, I develop a composition through sketches and drawings that becomes the value pattern or bones of the artwork. The paint follows, influenced by the warm earth colors deeply rooted from my youth in Peru.”


Taylor Giroux- Senior Project- Photography

On Display from March 19th- April 23rd, 2022


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